Anal Fissures Introduction

Welcome to this educational material about anal fissures.

Anal fissures are quite literally a pain in the butt, but I am seeing them more and more among my gay male clients.

I see a lot of concerns and worries because fissures are painful, they bleed, and many people are worried it is something sinister.

Unfortunately, not all people are comfortable talking with their doctor about anal health. Because fissures can be associated with receptive anal sex, this adds another layer of complexity, worry and concern about how their doctor will react.

The reason I have put this educational package together is primarily to educate my patients as well as the many people who don’t feel comfortable talking with their doctors.

I want you to have access to the best quality information that is based on sound medical evidence. The information provided has been reviewed by surgeons who specialise in anal health.

While the greatest of care has gone into the writing of this training, please be aware that your particular circumstances can not be taken into account. It is essential to seek help from your personal medical team.  

The information shared in general in nature and can not replace the care of your own doctor.

If you have any concerns, please be sure to book in to see your doctor.

So what is included in this training?

Part 1  - What is an anal fissure?
    - What does an anal fissure look like?

Part 2  - Comon causes of anal fissures
    - How can anal sex lead to fissures?
    - The muscles of anal sex
    - Causes of tight anal muscles
    - The impact of stress on the anal muscles

Part 3  - Initial, simple treatments for anal fissures
    - Sitz baths
    - Nitrate creams for fissure treatment
    - Anal massage
    - Avoiding constipation

Part 4 - Medical Treatments
    - Doctor prescribed creams & Botox
    - Operations: Lateral Sphincterotomy

Part 5 Preventing Anal Fissures
    - Working with our muscles
    - Best positions for penetration
    - Don't rush penetration

Bonus Chapters

    - Choosing a butt plug for anal training
    - Can Viagra or Cialis help with preventing anal fissures?