How Can Anal Sex Cause Fissures?

Anal sex can cause anal fissures.

For comfortable, easier anal penetration, both the internal and external anal sphincters need to be relaxed.

The process of allowing these muscles to relax is quite simple.

First, you need to be in the right headspace. If you are stressed, anxious or in pain, the tone of these muscles will automatically be higher. If you are not in the right mood it’s probably best to leave this for another day.

Both muscles will relax with gentle pressure.

I recommend gentle massage around the external sphincter with a well-lubricated finger.

With just a little gentle pressure, you will start to feel the muscle relax. The muscle will feel softer and more pliable; you may even see the muscle open up.

Just inside the external sphincter is the internal anal sphincter. It also relaxes with gentle pressure.

If at any point you see or feel the muscle spasm, it’s a sign you progressed a little too fast or applied too much pressure. Take a step back, continue massage and see how the muscle responds.

The whole process can take a few minutes. Take the time for enjoyable foreplay and enjoy the process of getting progressively more intimate with yourself or your partner.

When both muscles are feeling relaxed, very gently progress to the insertion of the finger into the anus. Again take it slow and gently.

If this is all feeling comfortable, you may be able to progress to penetration with consent.

Maintaining Your Erection

Some tops are worried they may lose their erections.

One way to help it stay firm is to put lube onto the head of the penis and then gently ‘bump’ against the anal sphincter... The bump will provide pressure and massage. Over time you will feel the muscles start to relax. Take your time; in a minute, you may be able to progress to penetration.

Again, take your time, if you feel the muscles spasm or clamp down, take a step back and return to the bumping.

Lube is important

Skin and toys have surfaces that have high friction.

Without lube, the skin where the penis meets the anal lining can catch and lead to tearing.

Generous use of lube is important to reduce this friction and make penetration easier.

If you are using water-based lube, remember that the anus can absorb water, so you will need to replenish it frequently.

For extended sessions, I usually recommend a silicone or oil-based lube if condoms are not being used.

Each person will have their personal preference for the lube they like. Be sure to talk with your partner to ensure you have plenty of their brand of choice before starting play.

If you have any questions, happy to answer them below.

Dr George Forgan-Smith